Review of 80s Analog Delay Pedal
by Patrick Gradwell

It really is a gem. Setting it up for a really long delay is my favorite - a really haunting effect. I can make some fantastic spacey sounds when I use it with a Big Muff and Electric Mistress together. Really impressive slapback too. I usually stick to a digital delay for short delays because they're tighter. But this one is much warmer than a DD3.

Comparing it to a Boss DM3 is tricky as the Boss does give more control over the delay time. The Loco Box seems to go from reasonably long to infinity with barely a touch of the repeat control knob. Having said that, tonewise it holds its own and there's absolutely no volume boost or coloration when switching - something which can't be said of my DM2!

I'm really pleased with it and will watch out for other Loco Box gear in the future. Don't be put off by the naff 80's cosmetics - this pedal is worth 5 times the £26 I paid for it! The electrics are a really pro job too - no cheap, badly connected components. Hope you can get your hands on one of these soon and see what you think of it.


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