Here are a few links to websites or people who have contributed to this site in some way or who may have some connection to Loco Box pedals or who may have no connection to anything at all...I just like them.

Effects pedals and guitars:
M.J. Franks Guitars
(Gorgeous handmade guitars - world class!
If you can afford the best, this is the place to go.)

Sho-Bud Acoustic Guitars

(my new site, much like this Locobox site...just trying to gather info about a rare instrument lacking info on the web)

Disco Freq's FX Site(great pedal site)

(great handmade pedals - plus, I designed his new logo)

Analog Man
Analog Man's book

Online and Print Publications:
The Ones That Got Away
(very cool guitar blog)

Tape Op Magazine
(get a free subscription today or you're a fool!)

The Catfish Hunters
(my band)

Graphic Design:
(me again)

Funny Websites: (both sites are mine)

Redneck Words of Wisdom
(get the book now available in bookstores everywhere!)

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