Rack Mounted and Other Products by Locobox

In the 1980s, Aria produced a couple of rack mounted analog delay units with the brand name Loco Box. The product serial numbers (that I have seen anyway) are AD-10 and AD-15. They have been described as sounding okay, but not great.

AD-15 Analog Delay Rack Unit • Photo Courtesy of DF Evans

AD-10 Analog Delay Rack Unit • Photo Courtesy of Simon Nelson

For additional photos of the AD-10,

Loco Mixer - in suitcase type carrying case
photo courtesy of Yozo Ishiura

(not really rack gear, but it's the only place that seemed appropriate)

Locobox Powered Pedalboard
photo courtesy of eBay

Again, if you have any photos or info, please send them my way and I will be happy to give you credit on the site.

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